Remember, Remember the Fifth of November!

Enjoy the chill of a November evening by attending one of the numerous Bonfire and Firework events in the vicinity of Cumberland House.   

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Remember, remember the 5th of November

The famous horse-racing venue Lingfield Park is only ten miles from Cumberland and will be hosting a fireworks extravaganza on Saturday 5th November 2016. As well as a fireworks display there will funfair rides, sideshows & stalls and great food. Gates open at 5pm to allow visitors to soak up the atmosphere before the fireworks explode!

Adult entry tickets cost £7.00, but VIP tickets cost £35.00 and include the best seats in the house as well as three-course carvery. (See website for details).

Alternatively book a mid-week break away at Cumberland House to enjoy another famous Fireworks display which can be experienced just a little further away at the attractive town of Lewes. It is only 34 miles to drive to the county town of East Sussex which hosts is the biggest celebrated Fifth of November Event in the world!

“It is not a firework display as people expect. While there are fireworks later in the evening at designated bonfire society sites, the main focus of the event are the processions which are historical” [Lewes District Council].

The Lewes Bonfire celebrate the fall of Guy Fawkes, the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and remembers the Seventeen Martyrs that were burnt in the town (between 1555 and 1557), hence the seventeen burning crosses which are also part of the processions. These martyrs are also known as the Marian Persecutions and were part of Mary I’s persecution of Protestants which started in earnest in 1555, earning her the name of “Bloody Mary”.

Six Bonfire societies put on separate parades and firework displays on November 5th each year. This can mean 3,000 people taking part, with as many as 80,000 spectators.   Events start at 6pm with a Barrel Run and the first Torch processions (Cliffe High Street).

The United Grand procession starts at approximately 5.00pm on Saturday, 5th November 2016. Following the procession, each society will hold a bonfire at sites around the town and bonfires will be lit at around 9.30pm and be followed by a firework display.

Each bonfire society sells its own programme giving details of its procession route and tickets can be purchased in advance from the bonfire societies to attend one of the bonfire sites. Some do not charge but instead ask for a donation (see additional information below).

Alternatively stay a little closer to “home” and enjoy the following local events:

Horley Bonfire (5 minutes walk from Cumberland House) on Saturday 5th November 2016.  The event will be held at The Recrecration Ground6 on the Brighton Road (A23)  Gates open at 6pm, bonfire will be lit at 7pm followed by the fireworks at 7.30pm.  Horley Lions will have their Barbecue Bar on site serving Burgers, Hot Dogs, Bacon & Egg Rolls and Tea, Coffee and Canned Drinks.  In anticipation of our Fireworks Night on 5th November 2016,  there will be a competion for the “Best Guy” with a Be Dazzling Prize of £50.00!   All you have to do is bring along your Guy to the Horley Recreation Ground by 12 noon on Saturday 5th November and the winner will be announced on the night.

Brockham Bonfire (9 miles distance) on Saturday 5th November 2016 and is a traditional family-orientated night of fun and celebration. It includes a 25ft high sculptured bonfire, plus the biggest bonfire night firework display in the UK – 4 tons of fireworks (costing over £50K). The centre of Brockham becomes a traffic exclusion zone from 5.30pm until at least 10.30pm and a voluntary donation per person is asked to support the various local charities and societies.

The historic Chiddingfold Bonfire night also takes place on Saturday 5th November 2016. It is 32 miles from Horley.  5:00pm Stalls open for business and at 6:30pm torch/candles go on sale at St Mary’s School.
7:00pm Procession of 400 torch/candles departs St Mary’s School.
7:30pm (approx) Bonfire set alight and 8:00pm (approx) Fireworks display


Please note: these may be more local and smaller events but they can also be busy with regard to travelling and parking so it is recommended to check routes and possible park-and-ride options.


Additional Information

Lingfield Park: www.lingfieldpark.co.uk

Lewes Bonfire information websites: Guy Fawkes Celebrations in Lewes and www.lewesbonfirecelebrations.com

Brockham & Chiddingfold Bonfires: Brockham Bonfire and www.chiddingfoldbonfire.org.uk

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