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Chocolate Marshmallow Cake – A real favourite at Cumberland House Gatwick

Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

“All you need is Love.  But a little bit of Chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt” Charles M Schulz

Chocolate Marshmallow Cake is a real favourite at Cumberland House B&B Gatwick After battling the motorways Our Guests love a nice cup of tea with some home baking.  I always joke that I cut the cake slices into Low Calorie pieces.

Chocolate Marshmallow Cake is the answer when you are squeezed for time and really want to push the boat out to Impress your Friends. Chocolate Marshmallow Cake has the appearance of a cheesecake although I think it’s the marshmallows that make all the difference.   The idea of this cake comes from Nigella’s Chocolate Mousse.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Baking time: zero

Chilling time: minimum 3 hours


Chocolate Marshmallow Cake -The Base

150 Grams of Digestive Biscuits

75 Grams of Butter


Chocolate Marshmallow Cake – The Topping

250 grams of good quality Dark Chocolate

150 grams of Marshmallows

50 grams of Butter

60 mls of hot Water

1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

300 mls of Double Cream

Are you ready?

OK firstly lets grease and line an 8 inch cake tin.  I use a spring loaded cake pan as it makes my life easier when I am removing the Chocolate Marshmallow Cake from the tin.

In a heavy based saucepan melt 75 grams of butter over a gentle heat while you crush the 150 grams of digestive biscuits.  Then crushed the biscuits and add to the melted butter.  Give it a good stir with a wooden spoon.  Pour the butter and biscuit mixture into the lined and greased tin and spread it out evenly over the base of the tin.   Press the mixture down firmly with the back of a metal spoon.  Leave to cool.

In another heavy based saucepan add all the remaining ingredients except the double cream.  Melt the ingredients over a gentle heat, stirring continually and beating up the marshmallows as you go.   When the mixture has turned to a liquid, turn off the heat.   Leave to cool for a few minutes, then add the double cream and give it another good stir until the mixture is the same colour and consistency throughout.   Pour the warm mixture on top of your biscuit base and refrigerate for a minimum of 3 hours before removing from the tin.     Slice and Enjoy!

“Our aim is for you to leave Cumberland House relaxed, refreshed and with your expectations for your stay exceeded”


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