The History of Ye Οlde Six Bells

For more than 500 years the peal of Ye Olde Six Bells at St Bartholomew’s Church has been calling the Horley faithful to worship providing inspiration for the naming of it’s neighbouring Inn.

The History of Ye Οlde Six Bells is shrouded in mystery and legend, however it is known that the land on which the pub stands was acquired by the powerful Chertsey Abbey in 1263.  It is rumoured that a secret passage still exists that links 12th century St Bartholomew’s with the pub.

Ye Olde Six Bells only 3 minutes walk from Cumberland House B&B

With a Horsham stone roof and half timbered walls, the pub would have been built in around 1450 and may initially have been used as a hospice for monks from Dorking monastery.  Indeed four niches carved into the wall the pub shares with the churchyard are rumoured to denote the monks ancient burial places.  

Lying so close to the Church, Ye Olde Six Bells would have undoubtedly provided welcome refreshments for the villagers after protracted village meetings.   One such meeting took place in 1811 to discuss vital repairs to the church bells, at which a drinks bill for 17 shillings and 6 pence was run up.  However the money was not spent in vain as shortly afterwards six new bells were installed at the church at a cost of £198.  By the late nineteenth century the pub was owned by Mr and Mrs George Meakin of Kingston Upon Thames and being leased to brewer Charles Dagnell for £50 per annum. The next Landlord of Ye Olde Six Bells was carpenter Sam Huey who carved the number 827 in one of the ceiling beams in 1896.  The significance of this number remains a mystery to this day but serves to reinforce the mystique surrounding of the pub’s heritage. 


In 1897 the Meakin family sold the pub to Allan Richard, John Yowell, Frederick Elkin and William Moses of Horley Brewers who borrowed £1350 from Baron Walsingham of Norfolk to finance the deal.  

Today Ye Olde Six Bells has made a welcome return to its roots and offers the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere one would expect from a typical British pub.   It is the perfect haven to enjoy British Fayre and fine hand poured cask conditioned ales.  


What’s happening in 2019.

Ye Olde Six Bells, now a grade II listed building is currently owned by Vintage Inns who serve hearty meals and cask ales from 12 noon daily.   Being on the doorstep of Gatwick Airport and enjoying visitors from all round the world the pub is, very popular. For this reason we would recommend that you reserve your table at Ye Olde Six Bells Horley to avoid disappointment.   A few years back we had a couple who stayed with us they on route from the US onto France….they choose to stop overnight at our place only to enjoy a meal at Ye Olde Six Bells.  


Credits to Ye Olde Six Bells for the History on the pub


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