It’s our 12th Anniversary running Cumberland House! 

An Anniversary is always good time to reminisce and have a laugh about days gone by. On the 24th March 2017 we celebrate our 12th Anniversary as managers at Cumberland House Gatwick


That first day was hard going

When we remember our first day at Cumberland House we do giggle about it. A pair or novices we were back then! We thought we knew what we were letting ourselves in for!! Clive and I set off together on the morning 24th March 2005 to start our new venture of running Cumberland House B&B. We were very enthusiastic and arrived for our first day at 6.30am to help the ‘outgoing management’ with breakfast. I am sure they were delighted with the two extra pairs of hands. After breakfast was served we helped to wash the dishes, clean the bathrooms & make the beds. We cannot remember there being time to stop for even a slice of toast. I had made a few cakes and at 3pm we had a little sit down to celebrate our arrival and the departure of the outgoing management. At 4pm precisely the doorbell rang and that’s when all the fun started when our first guests had arrived. They were a couple from America touring the UK for a week.

Burnt Offerings

That first day just disappeared. We were still very excited. We had all the rooms full on our first night so we had lots of guests to chat with. By 9pm we couldn’t go any further, no breakfast, no lunch, although we did enjoy a few cakes at 3pm….now it was time to think about a meal. We took a look in the freezer. Yes, back in those days it took the two of us to complete each job!! We found chicken kiev, roast parsnips and roast potatoes….it all went in the oven and we continued greeting guests and taking telephone calls. The dinner in the oven was forgotten. At 11pm we sat down, hardly able to keep our eyes open while we ate our burnt offerings…..a meal we will remember for the rest of our days.

Our previous lives

I had lived in Horley for 20 years previous to us taking over Cumberland House so I knew the area well with regards to the location of Gatwick Airport and where all the pubs and restaurants were. This bit did come in handy. Clive had been a postman and had lots of experience delivering mail so he enjoys delivering our guests to Gatwick Airport and collecting them again on return from holiday.

outside Cumberland House Gatwick

Clive and Carmel

Thank you to our lovely guests

We can honestly say that during our 12 years at Cumberland House we have met the loveliest of guests. It is always great to see our guests return year after year and knowing that you all appreciate the improvements that Clive and I have made over our first 12 years.
A great achievement has to be the ‘Best B&B Breakfast’ award. You, our guests voted for us and Cumberland House came 1st place in all of the UK.   Cumberland House has recently been awarded #1 position on Tripadvisor of all the B&B’s in Horley, Surrey and in addition to this we have been awarded #2 position on Tripadvisor of all the B&B’s in Surrey, England. A Very Big Thank You to our guests who have got us there.

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