Tulleys Farm Drive in Cinema

Not only does Tulleys Farm have a Drive In Cinema, they have TWO! 2 Drive in Cinemas each with a LED Screens showing 2 different movies at 2 separate locations on the farm.  There is a fabulous choice of shows to watch and you might even get the chance to singalong like you were on the West End Stage!!

Where is Tulleys Farm?

Tulleys Farm is beautifully located on the border of Surrey and Sussex. They are just outside the village of Turners Hill in West Sussex and is 7.5 miles from Cumberland House via M23. Tulleys Farm postcode is RH10 4PE

When is Tulleys Drive In Cinema Open?

The drive in cinema will be open for daytime and evening movies Tuesday’s to Sunday’s between 18th July to the 6th September. 

How much is entry to Tulleys Drive In Cinema?

A choice of parking slots are available ranging from

£15 – £35 per car for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday showings

£25 – £45 per car for Friday, Saturday and Sunday showings.

BOOK NOW for Tully’s Open Air Cinema

Who are they?

Tulleys Farm are the most imaginative family I can think of right now.  They have been running their farm since 1937 and they are now onto the 4th generation of their family.   I would love to be a fly on the wall listening to their conversations around their dinner table because every idea they think up appears to become a reality and exceeds anyone’s imagination.    

Do you know? Tulleys Farm are The UK’s No 1 Halloween Attraction.  

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