Wholemeal Seeded Loaf

Wholemeal Seeded Loaf

Carmel is using her Loaf

In January this year I decided to unveil the bread making machine from the back of the cupboard and start making a nice healthy Wholemeal Seeded Loaf for our guests breakfasts filled to the brim with a variety of seeds. It really does go down a treat! There is nothing in the world quite like the comforting smell of a home baked bread straight from the oven.
For me the bread maker is a great tool for me running a busy B&B near Gatwick Airport.  I just weigh out all the ingredients pop them all in the bread maker, press the button and ‘hey presto’ as if by magic a loaf appears while I have been busying myself making beds or replying to emails.
The amazing thing that we realised after we started making the Wholemeal Seeded Loaf is the reduction of toast waste. This Wholemeal Seeded Loaf is perfect for anything you fancy on toast and we think it gives that added touch to one of Carmel’s Breakfasts. You must try it with some of our locally produced homemade preserves and marmalade.


If you have a bread maker in the back of your cupboard maybe you might also feel inspired.

Put 350mls of water and 25 grams of butter in the baking pan
In a large bowl mix 475 grams of wholemeal flour
1½ teaspoons of sugar
1¼ teaspoons of salt
1 teaspoon of dried yeast
with 7 tablespoons of whichever seeds you prefer.
I usually give these dry ingredients a good stir before placing them on top of the water and butter in the baking pan.
I then set my bread maker to run for 5 hours. When the time is up and the beeper goes off I take my Wholemeal Seeded loaf out immediately to cool on a wire rack.

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